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So,I have a problem I’m pretty sure many of you out there can relate to.  I am addicted to Pinterest.  I avoided the Pinterest addiction for about a year before finally caving in and joining.  Pinterest is like OCD for the internet and as a OCD individual it’s just fantastic.  

It seems to me the biggest issue with Pinterest is actually trying the millions of great tips and recipes you pin.  I would say I try at least one thing on Pinterest a week, which I think is a pretty good success rate.  However, while trying something from Pinterest once a week is successful, I would not consider the results of everything I try a success.  This week would be the perfect example of that.

Below is what I was trying to make.  Beautiful fluffy banana egg pancakes.  A seemingly easy, no flour, glucose free recipe.

This is how they actually came out.

I know. Nailed it.

Here is the recipe for the pancakes.

Banana Egg Recipe

{found on Blogilates}


  • 1 Banana
  • 2 Eggs


Combine ingredients in a bowl and make sure the bananas are mashed together well.  Cook on medium low heat in a pan lightly sprayed with PAM or olive oil.   

Sounds pretty easy right? How can I mess up something that simple?  Turns out pretty easily.  All it took was not mixing the bananas together well enough.  I also used smaller bananas so I think my banana to egg ratio was off.   If you were to try this recipe at home I would definitely recommend using large bananas and mashing them up super-duper well.  I would also suggest adding some cinnamon.  

Even though my “pancakes” didn’t look at all like pancakes they still tasted pretty good.  I would definitely make it again and make the adjustments I learned.  

What Pinterest finds have you tried this week?