Hello readers! Not that I have any yet though haha.  Today I’ve committed to keeping a blog. I know, so many people make that same commitment and fall to the wayside, I’ll admit I have done the same.  Maybe more than once.  But now is the time to commit.  

Here’s a few things about myself to get started.

1. My name is Katie and I’m 20-something living in South Carolina.  I am a graduate of the real USC with dance and public relations degrees and still searching for my career path.

2.  I have a fantastic boyfriend named Carl who constantly makes my heart smile.

3. I love Pinterest.  It’s OCD for the internet and it has changed my life.  I would say I actually put about 15% of what I find on Pinterest to actual use, but you know, I think I’m doing better than a lot of people.

4.  I want to live an interesting life that helps others.  I try to do so by looking for new things to try.  I also am trying to find work with a non profit and volunteering at local organizations.

5.  I own my own business called Something Winnderful.  Hence the name of this blog.  I paint custom designed coolers and sell them through Etsy.  My store is currently on vacation and will be returning soon with a whole new business model.  I am thrilled as it will be an outlet to help others.

6.  I absolutely love everything Little Mermaid.  A ginger Disney princess is my favoritest thing ever.  The only irony is I absolutely hate the ocean.  Despite growing up on the coast, it terrifies me.

7.  I love trying new food.  I used to be a picky eater, like, I never had lettuce on a sandwich until college.  But since going through college my pallet has grown and I now love trying new interesting foods.  My most recent food adventure was alligator, it was squishy but good.

8.  I live with 4-ish roommates.  I say 4-ish because sometimes my boyfriend stays here and sometimes I stay at his place.  The other roommates consist of my close guy friend, Daniel, and our friends, Chris and Kate, an engaged couple.  It seems complicated, but it works really well.

9.  I have so much love for Harry Potter.  I didn’t read the series until a year ago and I feel stupid for putting it off for so long.  This summer my life was complete by not only going to Harry Potter World, but also by meeting Ariel. 

10.  I’m “between jobs” so to say.  I currently work and make enough as a dance instructor, but I’m hoping to find a real 9 to 5 job.  I’m hoping to get a job with a non profit in Greenville.  Fingers crossed something turns up.


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