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Yesterday was a long and busy day.  I substituted for three dance classes in addition to teaching my own.  When I finally made it home from work my wonderful Carl was passed out in a chair in the movie room.  Apparently his day was just as exhausting as mine.

Even though I was exhausted and permanently posted up on the couch for the rest of the night, I decided to do something I’d been meaning to do for quite some time.  I created a recipe binder.

It. Is. Fantastic.

Carl made fun of me for how OCD and “old woman” it is but who cares.  It is so functional and in several years will be overflowing with delicious recipes, ALL of which I will have experience in making and know are tasty.  It’s genius.

It took some time to figure out how to format my recipe binder.  I had come across several recipe binder blog posts before but none of them had printouts that were functional in the way I wanted.  I didn’t want a binder full of printouts and torn magazine pages.  I wanted uniform recipes that had just the information I needed.   So, I decided to make my own recipe binder sheet.

recipe binder printout

After coming up with my template all that was left was to print out a whole bunch of copies, write my recipes down on them, then assemble the book.

Here is everything I used.

Recipe Binder:

  • 1” thick binder
  • Clear protector sheets
  • Sheet dividers
  • Recipe binder template printed out

I used sheet protectors for all the recipes because it will not only help the recipes last longer, but will also keep them protected when I have them out in the kitchen.  I used my dividers to divide my recipes into: Desserts, Appetizers, Entrées, and Side dishes.  In the future I’m sure the binder will grow to include many sections.

recipe binder

It’s so wonderful to have all the recipes I’ve used in one organized place! No more having to search through Pinterest and find some recipe I used weeks earlier.

Do any of you have recipe binders?  How have you organized them?