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I got a library card today! Well, I got it Wednesday but I had to wait until yesterday evening to put it to use.  I’m so thrilled about it I should be ashamed.  I take that back, there’s no shame in being excited about reading new books.

I spent about 15 minutes wandering aimlessly around the library before I came across a book I wanted.  I probably looked so confused walking through all the floors but oh well, I found a book to check out.  This is what I went with.


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So. Excited.

Twyla Tharp is an amazing dancer and choreographer and I’m so excited to read her book.  I have been lucky enough to be a part of USC’s performance of one of Tharp’s pieces and I have been fascinated with her ever since.  Though her book is technically a “self help” book, her thoughts on the entire creative process are just so fascinating and well written that it doesn’t feel like a self help book at all.  I love it.

I also got another book from the library’s digital collection.  It’s so great; all I did was request it and it was sent to the kindle app on my Mac.  It couldn’t get more convenient.  I’m pretty excited about this book too.  I haven’t been able to stop reading it.

the happiness project book

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This book is just as amazing as people keep saying.  I love the way her project is broken down month by month and goal by goal.  It makes the project seem so simple and easily applied to your own life.  I’m so happy I am reading this book at the start of the year.  I think it will help me start the year off just right.

reading quote

What are you reading right now?