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Today has been a very productive day!  I’ve finished The Happiness Project and I must say it was fantastic.  I also recently joined Instagram, I know, a tad bit behind on the trend but at least I’m trying.

I spent most of my time cleaning and organizing my room, particularly the corner that Carl has recently destroyed.   Here’s a picture of it below.

Before picture

Don’t judge me, things just somehow got out of hand.  It took about two bags of garbage and a bag of things to donate to Goodwill.  It was definitely a success though.  You can see how it turned out below.

all organized

i really don’t like how Instragram looks.  But it could be the fact that Carl dropped my phone in the snow when we went to Wisconsin.  The camera hasn’t quite been the same since.

I love how all my paints and other craft supplies are finally out of the way yet still easily accessed.  I must say my favorite part though is how my door is now.  I moved my bulletin board to my door and lowered my bird coat hanger things.  You can check out my bulletin board below.

Bulletin board

This picture quality is just terrible, I really must begin taking better pictures.  So, I have learned some things from The Happiness Project that I’ve begun to use.  Hint: It involves my bulletin board.  Keep checking back to see what’s going on.