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May I have your attention please.  I would like to report that sh*t has just gotten real.

I kid you not.  This all began on Tuesday when I checked my bank account.  My account was negative.  Yes. Negative.

I must say there is nothing more stress inducing than looking at a negative bank balance.  Fortunately for me I have my account connected to a savings account so no charges were incurred.  But I mean, charges or not, this is not a good situation.

That is why I would like to announce that February is going to be “get my life together” month.  Because, let’s be real, I’m not going to put myself through that kind of stress again.

I wrote about my Happiness Project inspired calendar I began a few weeks ago and am happy to report that is a moderate success.  (I say moderate because I still struggle, yet am still being successful and mindful of my goals).  Now that it’s February it’s time to add some new goals for the month.  For the past week I’ve been thinking about what new goals I should tackle, my near heart attack on Tuesday gave me the clarity I need to decide my goals.

Thus begins Get My Life Together February.

1. Create and USE a monthly budget.  Now, I’ve known for a long time I need to do a monthly budget.  I even created a Mint.com account.  But it never worked.  Why?  Well for one, I lied to myself about how much I was gonna get paid that month AND I lied to myself about where my money was going to go.  I could tell myself I wouldn’t eat ANY fast food all month, but Lord sure knows I never followed through.

But now it’s time to take it seriously.  My bank account really does depend on it.  I’ve gotten so serious I even created my own monthly budget worksheet.  Yeah.  It’s getting real.

Budget template from Something Winnderful

2.  Only eat out once a week.  WHETHER WITH CARL OR ALONE.  This one terrifies me.  But, it needs to happen.  Carl works at a delicious restaurant where he receives 50% off on days he works.  That translates into us eating whatever he buys when he gets off work.  This also means that he wont have lunch until almost 4 p.m. some days.  This throws off our eating schedules and makes it difficult to cook a dinner.  Around 8 p.m. we decided we just want some fast food and go spend money.  Not good.

It’s time to suck it up and deal with the reality.  We can’t buy fast food all the time anymore.  Does that mean we have to cook legitimate dinners every night? No.  It just means we need to settle for a quick homemade sandwich or brinner instead of a happy meal.

Those are the only two goals I’m adding for this month.  I feel like they are more than enough to challenge and improve my life.  I’m sure I’m gonna fail a few times with these goals, but not everything comes easy.  Have you set any little goals for the month?

Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently-Henry Ford