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Happy heart day to all my single ladies and happily taken ladies out there!  Honestly, I would like to skip posting about this holiday entirely, but I feel as though it is a right of passage for Something Winnderful’s first year of existence.

(If you’re the anti-valentine, feel free to the skip the following photo and V-day wrap up and scroll on down to the good stuff.)

Carl has to work today so he wont be getting home until really late, so we’re saving most of our Valentine’s Day celebrating tomorrow. I thought it would be nice to make my room pretty for him to come home to, so I finally took advantage of the free paint sample things at Lowe’s and use them for a craft.  I just used some scissors to cut out hearts and then used washi tape to attached them to thin ribbon.  It was super simple and made my room look holiday appropriate.  Tomorrow we’re going to be going out to dinner and then on Saturday we’re going to do a flea market date.  So excited!

Valentine's paint chip garland

Yay, you made it through the Valentine’s nonsense! As your reward, here are a few links to meet whatever needs you have.  Whether you’re spending your night alone or trying to survive until the weekend, I’ve got you covered.

To make you laugh:

To watch alone or with friends (click the link if you’re over 21 and want some additional fun):

To make you say, “dawe.”

Hopefully that will get you through this week!