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What a wonderful weekend it has been so far!  Friday, Carl gave me my final Valentine’s Day gift, a book he wrote! I know!  The book is titled, The Reasons I Love You, and lists 60 reasons he loves me plus nine coupons I can use.  It is fantastic.

The Reasons I Love You book created on lovebookonline.com

He made it on the website lovebooksonline.com, after coming across the site through StumbleUpon.  Each page of the book lists a reason he loves me accompanied by an illustration.  He let me check out the website, it gives you so many ideas that even the least creative boyfriend could make a book.  You are able to customize the writing and picture for each reason to fit your loved one.  I’m pretty sure the burping photo is supposed to symbolize singing, but it definitely works for burping.

The Reasons I love You collage made at lovebooksonline.comThis weekend we also built a fort! And by we, I mean Carl.  For Valentine’s Day I made him a fort kit.  It was super easy to make and totally free. Here’s everything you need.

Fort Making Kit

  1. Lots of sheets, the larger the better.
  2. Two old t-shirts.
  3. Ribbon or string

First, cut one t-shirt into long strips and place in a zip lock bag, these will be what you use to tie your sheets together whilst fort building.  Then, fold all your sheets very flat and square, like you would normally fold sheets only making them more compact.  Use the one sheet to wrap all the other sheets and ties together like a package.  Take your ribbon or string to secure your sheets together.  Ta-dah! Your fort kit is assembled!

Fort Making Kit from Something WinnderfulCarl loved building the fort! Above you can see how the fort turned out, it looks like a circus tent (excuse the picture quality).  It was super duper dark inside making it perfect for movie watching.  We ordered our favorite pizza (ham and pineapple) and watched The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.  The foreign version is on Netflix and divided into shorter hour and a half episodes.  We’re one away from finishing the trilogy.  They’re so good!

There’s still one day left of the weekend, but it’s already been perfect.  What fun things have you done this weekend?