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Happy Friday! I’m about 85% over my bout with food poisoning. Since I’ve been bed ridden all week, I have just one thing to share with you all for my Friday Favorites.  I am proud to announce that, I, Katie Winn of Something Winnderful, am now a Lucky Contributor.

What is a Lucky Contributor you ask?

A Lucky Contributor is a great part of the Lucky magazine’s online community. The Lucky Community consists of solely contributor based content and is a great place for all aspiring fashionistas.  Here’s what its main page looks like.

Lucky CommunityBecoming a lucky contributor is pretty simple, you fill out the information, link to your blog, and you’re pretty much set.  Each contributor has their own profile page linking to their blog and showing their posted articles.  You are able to upload posts directly from you blog or create new ones on your contributor dashboard.

Lucky Contributor pagesI love how easy the site allows you to upload content from your own blog.  It’s also genius on Lucky’s side of things.  They are able to have new content constantly uploaded on their site and still have the power to monitor and use what they really like in other places.  It’s a win win situation for blogger and Lucky.

I have yet to truly dive in and work on gaining interest in my Lucky page, but I’m excited to use it as a source to grow Something Winnderful.  What are your thoughts on the Lucky Community?