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Like I said in my post yesterday, I had good reason for being a little late in the day for Stylin’ Sunday.  The reason I was late is because I had a jam packed weekend of puppy loving, birthday celebrating, and family visiting. Get excited, because I took pictures!

On Saturday, Carl and I intended to go to the flea market to pick up some Amish Peanut Butter (so incredibly delicious), but unfortunately traffic felt otherwise.  Traffic was moving so slow we decided to visit our local animal shelter.  It was right where we were stuck in traffic and they always have cute puppies and kittens.  Today was no exception.  Of course we found a puppy to fall in love with, we named her Beefcake.


Before you say how terrible we are for calling her Beefcake, you have to understand, she was a beefcake.  Cutie was THICK.  Chunky monkey all the way.  She was also a hardcore sleeper.  After she finally woke up she went potty on the potty pad and then played with her toy.  She was adorable.  I wish I could say we left with her but we didn’t.  We know getting a dog may not the best idea, BUT we still really want her.  We decided to leave it up to the universe (Marshall and Lily style) and agreed we would get her if she was still there this Saturday.

This past Sunday was also my older brother’s birthday, so I decided to go home and surprise him.  It was a great last minute plan.  My mother decided to not tell my dad, so he nearly had a stroke when I drove up.  They were all so excited.  We ended up having a lovely dinner at Outback and then the next celebrated the next day at lunch out at the house.  We went out and looked at the pond to see how much the water had risen from all the rain.  The water is finally getting pretty high!  *Random side note* I grew up on a farm, so that’s why we have a pond and such.Pond

Going home was also great because I was able to see the progress my brother and dad made on the side porch.  My dad built our house after college and has been adding on ever since.  The most recent project he has taken on is building a side porch extending off the two sunrooms.  He’s so excited.  It’s one of those projects that starts reasonable but then grows into some massive project.  Nobody has any idea how long it’s going to take to finish, but William and my dad are working hard.Porch-2 Porch

This weekend I also went to my late grandmother’s house to claim any furniture I would want to put in my apartment/house when I move.  I must say, I made some fantastic finds.  So good in fact, I’m saving them for another post.  Check back later this week and see what great things I found!