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As I said in this week’s Stylin’ Sunday, I had a fantastic weekend that I am THRILLED to share with you all.  This weekend……..


Everyone, meet baby Daisy.

Baby DaisyShe’s an adorable labrador/boxer mix and loves sleeping, eating, whining, biting and going potty. She’s fantastic.  I mentioned in last week’s Weekend Wrap-up that Carl and I fell in love with a puppy we named Beefcake.  We agreed if he was still there the following Saturday, we would adopt her.  She was not there the following Saturday, in fact, she wasn’t even there the following Tuesday (I may or may not have gone to check).

After realizing our disappointment in losing Beefcake, we decided to seriously consider if getting a puppy was a good idea.  I have a very flexible schedule allowing me to be home every threeish hours and I have house trained a dog before.  I also live in a house with hard floors and a fenced in backyard.  Carl already owns a dog, Pinky, that has been living with friends of his since he’s been in Columbia for school.  He wanted Pinky to have a buddy when he moves back to Greenville in two months.  Carl did all the training for Pinky, who is a very very well behaved dog, so we knew training another wouldn’t be difficult.

With all those things considered, we decided to go back to our local shelter and see what puppies were there.  There was no going back at that point.

Baby Daisy

After looking at lots of puppies (there were sooooo many) we came across Daisy’s litter in the back of the shelter.  They were brand new to the shelter and were being doted on by EVERYONE.  I mean, who can resist a litter of five-week-old puppies?  I picked out Daisy from the litter because she was one of the healthiest sized one and was playful  (and a girl).  We took her outside to a small playpen to get to know her.  We fell in love. She went from passed out asleep to hardcore playing to passed back out all in about 15 minutes.  We knew we had to have her.

We went through all the necessary paperwork and Daisy was ours!  I bought her a nice playpen that set up easily in my room and made a cute little bed for her from a box.  I know, a box bed isn’t fancy, but she’s going to end up at least 50 pounds, so I figured we could wait until she was bigger to invest in a dog bed.  Plus, some dogs don’t really sleep on dog beds, so I wanted to see if she would.  You can see how it turned out below.

Baby Daisy

We also bought her the giraffe chew toy that is laying next to her in the picture.  It came down to the giraffe or monkey version…Carl and I’s favorite animals.  We decided to let Daisy pick.  Being the giraffe lover, I’m very satisfied with her decision.  As you can see from the pictures, she’s pretty satisfied too.

Baby DaisySo far, puppy parenthood has been great.  She’s doing great at house training, anytime she has gone in the house it has been on a training pad.  She’s such a smartie pants!

I hope you enjoyed meeting Daisy!  How did you and your pet find each other?