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Happy Friday everyone!  As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’ve been slacking on posting this week.  BUT, I have a great reason as to why.  Today’s Friday Favorites might be my favorite post of them all.  Why? Because this week has been full of many many smiles and I want to share them all with you.

As you know, we lost our baby Daisy a few weeks ago.  Though we are still sad about the loss, we are so thrilled to have welcome the great Gatsby into our hearts this past week.  And boy let me tell you, he is a big boy.  A wonderful staff member of the shelter connected us with Gatsby as he was being brought into the shelter.  We were unsure about adopting again so soon, but we just couldn’t say no to this BIG ‘ole cuddle bug.  He’s a 25 pound, 12 week old Labrador/Catahoula mix.  He’s gonna be a big boy.

Something Winnderful's puppy the great GatsbyIsn’t he adorable!?  I could post photo after photo of him.  You know those mom’s who post every single photo ever taken of their baby?  I understand why now.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to be that mom, and torture you all.  But I must apologize to close friends and family because I send them at least one picture a day of Gatsby.  But I mean, how could I not share these pictures with them?  He’s just too cute.

Gatsby CollageIf pictures of Gatsby just aren’t cute enough for you, I’ve stumbled across some fantastically adorable lists of dogs thanks to the always reliable Buzzfeed.  This weeks lists shows the struggle of the college admissions process through a series of corgi pictures.

College admissions told through corgis

College admissions told through corgisIf you haven’t already noticed, this Friday Favorites has been a little bit puppy obsessed, but I certainly don’t mind.  I hope you all don’t either!