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It’s time for a vacation! From this blog at least.  No worries though, I shall be returning. When, I do not know, but I do know these next few weeks are going to be very overwhelming.  Over the next few weeks I will be moving….twice.  I will ultimately be moving to a new city and taking on new jobs. One job confirmed and another one in the making. I will also be finishing up with the classes I am teaching right now and have at least 5 dance recitals to manage. With all that going on I need as much time as possible to pack, work, and keep myself from losing my head.

With that said, I will still be active on the Something Winnderful Facebook page, as well as Twitter and Instagram.  Why should you follow me on those sights? One, to know when I return to posting, two, because I post some pretty awesome things.  Following me through social media will keep you updated on food, style, and anything awesome I find online.

So please!

Join me in the social media world and I promise you will not be disappointed.