Dealing with the loss of a pet


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Prepare yourself readers, because this is going to be a tough read.  I’m devastated to share that our baby Daisy passed away this past Saturday.  As I mentioned on Friday, Daisy went into the vet clinic on Wednesday because of a virus her litter caught.  They kept her at the clinic and by Saturday morning she had gone downhill. By noon that day she had passed.  We were told she was too young (5-6 weeks) for her body to be able to fight the virus.

Now, I’ve lost pets before, but nothing like this.  This was our baby.  It wasn’t a pet my parents picked and my siblings and I loved and enjoyed.  It wasn’t a pet that we knew was old and their time was coming.  This was our baby girl that Carl and I chose after falling in love with her.  We were the ones that woke up every 2 hours at night to take her potty.  I was the one that came home every 2 hours in the day to give her my time.  I don’t think I can ever have kids because enduring this was just too difficult.

I’ve learned a lot of things while trying to make it through this situation. Hopefully some of the things I’ve learned can help you should you ever find yourself if this difficult place.

Don’t be afraid to grieve in the way you feel best.  I cried, a lot.  Carl, however, did not.  I know he wanted to, and I would have been okay if he did, but he didn’t want to cry in front of me.  And that’s okay.  Whether you cry alone, one someone’s shoulder, or even not at all, it’s completely fine.

Don’t be afraid to tell people what you need.  Many people are going to ask you if they can do anything for you, or if there is anything you need.  If you need their company, tell them, if you just want to be left alone, it’s okay to tell them that too.  I needed to cry over Daisy, but I didn’t want anyone to see me other than Carl.  As much as my roommates wanted to be there for me, I told them I just needed to be left alone, and they were fine with that.

Do something that makes you happy and don’t lose your routine.  Carl and I could have easily stayed in bed all day and been worried and sad throughout this whole ordeal.  Instead we spent time with each other and did things we loved.  Our friends invited us out to get out mind off things, but we felt better being together and watching movies.  It’s important to take the time to grieve, but it’s also important to not lose yourself.

This is a very short list, but I’m honestly still figuring all this out.  We’re handling this very well, but know we’re always going to be sad when we think about Daisy.  We will take all the time we need to deal with this and then begin looking for a new puppy.  Daisy was perfect, and we would do anything to get her back, but we got her because we wanted and were ready for a puppy.  So once we’re emotionally ready, we’ll begin this process again.

Baby Daisy

Here are some links to articles dealing with pet loss.

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Stylin’ Sunday {etsy}


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Happy Stylin’ Sunday everyone! Today’s theme is a little bit different from the past few weeks as I wont be sharing complete outfits.  Instead I will be sharing with you some fabulous items I’ve found on Etsy this past week.

I absolutely love Etsy and could probably blow all my money on its awesome handcrafted goods if I had any less self control.  While I love stores like Forever 21 where you can always find something cute and cheap, it’s great to invest in great items that you know you will love for a long time.  That’s what’s great about Etsy.  Every item is just so unique and personal and you know the crafter put their hard work into creating each piece.

Today I’m sharing with you some of my favorite items I’ve found this past week.  I must say I am slightly obsessed with each store these items are from.  Be sure to click the photos to visit each site.  I’m only showing one piece from each store, but I promise they have many more fabulous items on Etsy.

Yellow gray bird clutch by Waterpath

{waterpath}Turquoise and leather wrap elephant bracelet by Ropes of Pearls

{Ropes of Pearl}
Champagne gold dangle earrings by Elle Jewels

{Elle Jewels}Dangle earrings by Vintage Girl at Heart

{Vintage Girl at Heart Decor}Elephant and Giraffe bracelet by Stavri


That’s it for Stylin’ Sunday!  Be sure to check out the stores behind today’s fabulous items!  If you aren’t already, be sure to follow Something Winnderful on Facebook and Twitter and stay up to date on everything Winnderful!

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Friday favorites


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This week I experienced the most stressful hours of my life.  My baby Daisy became very sick Wednesday and we had to take her back to the shelter to see the vet.  Upon arrival we discovered another family was there with a sick puppy from her litter.  We had to leave her there overnight and hope for the best.  Needless to say I was crying before we even left the shelter.

Carl and I spent the rest of the night terrified as to what Daisy could have and if she would make it.  We learned on Thursday she just had a virus and will be just fine.  Thank heavens.  As of right they are still keeping her and we are hoping to get her back tomorrow.  They don’t want her to come home until she is 100% just to be safe.  Fingers crossed she can come home tomorrow.

Why am I telling you that story when today is supposed to be about Friday Favorites?  Because today’s favorites are all about homemade cleaners.  I pretty much spent all Thursday sanitizing the crap out of our house.  I know Daisy caught the virus at or before she was brought to the shelter, but I sure as heck wasn’t going to let it be left somewhere in our house for her to catch again.

I could have spent a ridiculous amount of money on products to clean my house if I wanted.  I mean, just think about all the different cleaners you probably own and how much they cost all together.  Crazyness.  Fortunately I’ve spent a decent amount of time on Pinterest finding good homemade cleaners. I figured today would be a great time to share them all.  If you click on the title of the cleanser is will take you to the fabulous blogger that originally posted the recipe.

Homemade cleaner recipes

Floor Cleaner

  • 1/4 Cup white vinegar
  • 1 Tblsp. liquid dish soap
  • 1/4 Cup washing soda
  • 2 Gallons very warm tap water

Tub Cleaner

  • 1 Part blue dawn dish soap
  • 1 Part white vinegar

Mix solution in spray bottle and spray onto tub.  Allow it to sit for an hour then rinse away.  You can also put this solution in a scrubbing brush with handle and do a quick scrub down after your shower.

All Purpose Cleaner

  • 12 Oz. white vinegar
  • 12 Oz. dish soap
  • 1 Tsp. laundry detergent

Those are my top three cleaners and the ones I used yesterday.  I also use a homemade laundry detergent you can find on this blog.  Feel free to check out my Pin board for homemade products and cleaners.

Do you have any homemade cleaners you swear by?

Foiled wrapped chicken deliciousness


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Something Winnderful has moved to a new site!  Click here to find this recipe on the new site.


Foil packet chicken deliciousness

Layers and layers of deliciousness.
Foil packet chicken deliciousness

Are you ready for the final product?  Because I sure wasn’t.  My only wish is that I had added more ranch.  Other than that, it was absolutely fantastic. Super easy to make and super delicious to eat.

Cheese broccoli foil packet chicken plus bacon and ranch.  What is your go to easy and delicious recipe?

Meet baby Daisy


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As I said in this week’s Stylin’ Sunday, I had a fantastic weekend that I am THRILLED to share with you all.  This weekend……..


Everyone, meet baby Daisy.

Baby DaisyShe’s an adorable labrador/boxer mix and loves sleeping, eating, whining, biting and going potty. She’s fantastic.  I mentioned in last week’s Weekend Wrap-up that Carl and I fell in love with a puppy we named Beefcake.  We agreed if he was still there the following Saturday, we would adopt her.  She was not there the following Saturday, in fact, she wasn’t even there the following Tuesday (I may or may not have gone to check).

After realizing our disappointment in losing Beefcake, we decided to seriously consider if getting a puppy was a good idea.  I have a very flexible schedule allowing me to be home every threeish hours and I have house trained a dog before.  I also live in a house with hard floors and a fenced in backyard.  Carl already owns a dog, Pinky, that has been living with friends of his since he’s been in Columbia for school.  He wanted Pinky to have a buddy when he moves back to Greenville in two months.  Carl did all the training for Pinky, who is a very very well behaved dog, so we knew training another wouldn’t be difficult.

With all those things considered, we decided to go back to our local shelter and see what puppies were there.  There was no going back at that point.

Baby Daisy

After looking at lots of puppies (there were sooooo many) we came across Daisy’s litter in the back of the shelter.  They were brand new to the shelter and were being doted on by EVERYONE.  I mean, who can resist a litter of five-week-old puppies?  I picked out Daisy from the litter because she was one of the healthiest sized one and was playful  (and a girl).  We took her outside to a small playpen to get to know her.  We fell in love. She went from passed out asleep to hardcore playing to passed back out all in about 15 minutes.  We knew we had to have her.

We went through all the necessary paperwork and Daisy was ours!  I bought her a nice playpen that set up easily in my room and made a cute little bed for her from a box.  I know, a box bed isn’t fancy, but she’s going to end up at least 50 pounds, so I figured we could wait until she was bigger to invest in a dog bed.  Plus, some dogs don’t really sleep on dog beds, so I wanted to see if she would.  You can see how it turned out below.

Baby Daisy

We also bought her the giraffe chew toy that is laying next to her in the picture.  It came down to the giraffe or monkey version…Carl and I’s favorite animals.  We decided to let Daisy pick.  Being the giraffe lover, I’m very satisfied with her decision.  As you can see from the pictures, she’s pretty satisfied too.

Baby DaisySo far, puppy parenthood has been great.  She’s doing great at house training, anytime she has gone in the house it has been on a training pad.  She’s such a smartie pants!

I hope you enjoyed meeting Daisy!  How did you and your pet find each other?

Stylin’ Sunday {green}


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Happy Sunday everyone! It has been such a happy weekend and I can’t wait to share with you all what wonderful things happened.  But today, I am going to stick with Stylin’ Sunday and today’s theme for the week.  Today it’s about GREEN in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day!  Green also just so happens to be my favorite color.

As always, all items shown are $50 and below and you can follow the links below the pictures for any items you want to own.  Don’t forget you can tweet @sowinnderful with #stylinsunday to share how you’re styling your green this week and you can be seen on here or Something Winnderful’s Facebook page!

Green by Something Winnderful #stylinsunday

Shoes // Dress // Scarf // ClutchGreen by Something Winnderful #stylinsunday

Earrings // Shoes // Blouse // Pants // Bracelets // ClutchGreen by Something Winnderful #stylinsunday

Dress // Necklace // Earrings // Clutch // ShoesGreen by Something Winnderful #stylinsunday

Scarf // Blouse // Pants // Sunglasses // Earrings // Bag // Wedges
Green by Something Winnderful #stylinsundayClutch // Earrings // Bracelet // Boots // Scarf // Sweater // Pants

Don’t forget to share your green outfits with @sowinnderful on Twitter!  They will be shared on Facebook and even here on Something Winderful!

Weekend wrap-up


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Like I said in my post yesterday, I had good reason for being a little late in the day for Stylin’ Sunday.  The reason I was late is because I had a jam packed weekend of puppy loving, birthday celebrating, and family visiting. Get excited, because I took pictures!

On Saturday, Carl and I intended to go to the flea market to pick up some Amish Peanut Butter (so incredibly delicious), but unfortunately traffic felt otherwise.  Traffic was moving so slow we decided to visit our local animal shelter.  It was right where we were stuck in traffic and they always have cute puppies and kittens.  Today was no exception.  Of course we found a puppy to fall in love with, we named her Beefcake.


Before you say how terrible we are for calling her Beefcake, you have to understand, she was a beefcake.  Cutie was THICK.  Chunky monkey all the way.  She was also a hardcore sleeper.  After she finally woke up she went potty on the potty pad and then played with her toy.  She was adorable.  I wish I could say we left with her but we didn’t.  We know getting a dog may not the best idea, BUT we still really want her.  We decided to leave it up to the universe (Marshall and Lily style) and agreed we would get her if she was still there this Saturday.

This past Sunday was also my older brother’s birthday, so I decided to go home and surprise him.  It was a great last minute plan.  My mother decided to not tell my dad, so he nearly had a stroke when I drove up.  They were all so excited.  We ended up having a lovely dinner at Outback and then the next celebrated the next day at lunch out at the house.  We went out and looked at the pond to see how much the water had risen from all the rain.  The water is finally getting pretty high!  *Random side note* I grew up on a farm, so that’s why we have a pond and such.Pond

Going home was also great because I was able to see the progress my brother and dad made on the side porch.  My dad built our house after college and has been adding on ever since.  The most recent project he has taken on is building a side porch extending off the two sunrooms.  He’s so excited.  It’s one of those projects that starts reasonable but then grows into some massive project.  Nobody has any idea how long it’s going to take to finish, but William and my dad are working hard.Porch-2 Porch

This weekend I also went to my late grandmother’s house to claim any furniture I would want to put in my apartment/house when I move.  I must say, I made some fantastic finds.  So good in fact, I’m saving them for another post.  Check back later this week and see what great things I found!

Stylin’ Sunday {sweaters}


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It’s Stylin’ Sunday!  Today’s post is coming out a little bit late in the day, but I promise it is with good reason.  You’ll have to check back tomorrow to see what wonderfulness has caused a delay.

For this Stylin’ Sunday I decided to take a different approach to today’s outfits as opposed to the past few weeks.  Typically I present a few items, then show them styled for a casual setting then the work setting.  Today I decided to show some loves to sweaters and their great versatility.  I have have so much love in my heart for sweaters.  Besides the fact they are super comfortable, they are always perfect for casual wear and business wear.

As always, every item used on Stylin’ Sunday is under $50, I recommend following the link to any item you like because several I chose this week are on sale from fantastic brands.

Sweater look by Something Winnderful

Sweater One // Sweater Two // Sweater ThreeSweater look created by Something Winnderful

Sweater // Pants // Watch // Shoes // Bag // EarringsSweater look created by Something Winnderful

Bag // Boots // Scarf // Sweater // Pants // Bracelet // SunglassesSweater look by Something WinnderfulScarf // Sweater // Pants // Earrings // Bag // Shoes

Be sure to follow Something Winnderful on Twitter!  I want to see what awesome sweaters y’all are stylin’!  You can tweet @sowinnderful or use #somethingwinnderful and #stylinsunday to share your outfits.  I’ll be sharing my favorites on the Something Winnderful Facebook page as well as next Stylin’ Sunday!

Friday favorites


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Happy Friday! I’m about 85% over my bout with food poisoning. Since I’ve been bed ridden all week, I have just one thing to share with you all for my Friday Favorites.  I am proud to announce that, I, Katie Winn of Something Winnderful, am now a Lucky Contributor.

What is a Lucky Contributor you ask?

A Lucky Contributor is a great part of the Lucky magazine’s online community. The Lucky Community consists of solely contributor based content and is a great place for all aspiring fashionistas.  Here’s what its main page looks like.

Lucky CommunityBecoming a lucky contributor is pretty simple, you fill out the information, link to your blog, and you’re pretty much set.  Each contributor has their own profile page linking to their blog and showing their posted articles.  You are able to upload posts directly from you blog or create new ones on your contributor dashboard.

Lucky Contributor pagesI love how easy the site allows you to upload content from your own blog.  It’s also genius on Lucky’s side of things.  They are able to have new content constantly uploaded on their site and still have the power to monitor and use what they really like in other places.  It’s a win win situation for blogger and Lucky.

I have yet to truly dive in and work on gaining interest in my Lucky page, but I’m excited to use it as a source to grow Something Winnderful.  What are your thoughts on the Lucky Community?


55 Ways to take care of yourself


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So, I’m still not better.  Whatever Carl had decided it liked me better, so it’s sticking with me for quite some time.  Being sick has taught me Carl takes a lot better care of me than I do myself.  I recently reread 55 Gentle Ways to Take Care of Yourself When You’re Busy posted by The Freedom Experiment.  After looking over the list, I realized I hardly do anything good for myself.  Below you can read some of my favorites that I need to make become a habit.

55 Ways to Take Care of Yourself

Make room for rest

This one’s important. Make sure that whenever you plan to rest – really rest. That means that you will have to make a conscious effort to push all work-related thoughts and worries away. It’s also important that you rest your mind as well as your body. 5 minutes of stillness is better than 30 minutes in front of the TV!

Go to a yoga class

…Or do some yoga at home. Even ten minutes of savasana is better than nothing, and will recharge your batteries (and your mind).

Allow your emotions to come to the surface

If you’re tired and sad, cry it all out. If you’re stressed, don’t try to put on a mask and hide it. Get it all out, all the frustration, the overwhelm, the anger and the fear. You’ll feel much better after.

Get more sunlight

Especially if your busy period is happening in winter, make sure you get your daily dose of sunlight if you’re spending a lot of time in gloomy libraries and workplaces.

Take 5 minutes in the morning to just stretch and breathe

If you start your day in a stressful way, you’ll probably feel stressed for the rest of the day as well. Make sure your morning starts with 5 minutes of silence and ease. Stand up and stretch your body to make you as tall as you can be. Then bend over and touch the ground. Stretch again. Try to just feel your body and pay attention to your breath. Starting the day in a way like this will make you more relaxed as well!

Resist the urge to be productive all the time

You can’t be equally productive every single waking moment, so you might as well schedule some off time right away. Be nice to yourself and don’t expect to accomplish as much in the late evening as you do in the morning.

Compliment yourself

Positive self-speech can seriously impact your mood. Instead of adding to the monkey-brain thoughts of not good enough, too stressed and panic – tell yourself you look good, that you’re doing great and that you can manage everything that comes your way.

Get enough sleep

An oldie, but a goodie. This old advice is not only essential when it comes to self-care, it is also absolutely essential when it comes to being able to do your best. Particularly important when it comes to exam periods and work stress, sleep will help you achieve. It’s easy to think that a few extra hours of work will do you more good, but it won’t. Sleep will.

Accept yourself as you are

Let yourself off the hook and accept that you are only human. You are doing your absolute best, and you are doing exactly what you need to do. Trust your instincts and keep doing whatever you’re doing. You don’t need to change anything about yourself – trust that you are perfect just the way you are.