My work with TOMS at USC and Tekk Solutions required me to create press releases and fact sheets for media consumption.  Click the links below to view my work.

{Media Advisory-TOMS at USC}

{Press Release-TOMS at USC}

{Press Release-Tiny Techz}

{Fact sheet-TOMS at USC}

{Fact Sheet-Tiny Techz}


My work with Tekk Solutions and their newest company, Tiny Techz, placed me as After School Director of the Tiny Techz STEM After School Program.  In this position I created all newsletters that were distributed to students.  Click the links below to view newsletters.

{After School Newsletter-Recruiting Students}

{After School Newsletter-September}

{After School Newsletter-October}


Spring 2012 I created a public relations campaign for the TOMS at USC student organization and their One Day Without Shoes event.  The organization works to spread the TOMS One for One movement on the University of South Carolina campus.  The TOMS One for One movement is for every pair of shoes you purchase they give a pair away to a child who has none.

The main goal of my campaign was to increase participation in TOMS at USC events including a documentary screening and ODWS.  The successes and failures of my project taught me the valuable skills needed to create and execute a public relations campaign. Click the link below to view the campaign.

{One Day Without Shoes Campaign}


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